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What is coaching with Spirited@Work like?

We examine what the deeper insights are that can not be tapped into alone. 

We explore:

  • where you are and what are the areas you would like to improve?

  • how would you like to steer towards a life that leaves you spirited?

  • what are the questions you have not thought about?

  • where is the joy, fulfilment, purpose and thriving for you?

Our Approach

We teach simple techniques to get more focus, clarity and efficiency, which can be used in your professional and your private life. Like a personal trainer we help train you to be able to reach your full potential.

We're there to give support, reflection and clarity to bring balance in the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

"I do not teach anyone I only provide the environment in which they can learn."

                         -- Albert Einstein

My Approach

Is this for you?

We help dissolve the thought patterns of limiting beliefs that are looping in the mind and continuously take space and drain your energy.

The way you know the thought pattern is broken, is when you don't think of the thoughts anymore; and don't have the same emotions and actions. This feels like freedom, joy.

Beliefs are:

I'm not (good, beautiful, smart, rich) enough.

I don't deserve ...

I'm selfish for ...

I'll disappoint ...

I'm a failure ...

I can't make a mistake.

I never do anything right.​

People won't like me if I ...

I have to be nice to people.

I don't have time.

Intake EEM

After filling in the intake form, we'll assess whether we're the right person to help you.


General information about an EEM-session:

  1. wear comfortable clothes during the session

  2. after the session there is self care. This is up to you do it or not, we will not be checking this.

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