What is EEM

Today our bodies have to deal with a lot of known and unknown stresses, ranging from air pollution, the chemicals in the food we eat, wifi signals surrounding us, devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, microwaves and so on emitting electromagnetic radiation.


Not to mention the stress of surviving financially in today’s world, the stress of performing in (our professional) life, and situational emotional and cognitial stresses of for example birth, death, trauma and shock.


Our 24/7 economy and the notion of being reachable by smart phones and emails and the expectancy to respond immediately keeps alerting our bodies and minds in a fight-flight-freeze mode.These stresses accumulate in our body and can lead to illness like adrenal fatigue, burnout, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is a way to help your body deal with the different stresses. It is a form of Complementary Alternative Medicine, whereby the body's natural energetic patterns and pathways are tracked, strengthened, balanced and restored. With a more balanced energetic flow, the body is more resilient and less receptive to mental, physical and emotional issues, resulting in more vitality, focus, emotional groundedness, happiness, spiritedness. The techniques have their foundations from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Celtic wisdom. It can be used in combination with Western medicine.


EEM can help with many different issues like hormonal imbalances, abdominal/pelvic area issues, adrenal fatigue, support for patients undergoing cancer treatment, autoimmune disease, trauma, shock, depression, faster recovery after surgery and more. 

It is:

  1. non-invasive

  2. needleless

  3. simple, everyone can learn it

  4. self-sufficient, once learned can be done by the person to maintain health and well-being.

  5. self-empowering, once you know basic techniques you can be more in control of your own energies.

What we do in EEM

  1. test basic energy systems & learn balancing techniques by testing the energy that goes through muscles (referred to in Kinesiology as muscle testing)

  2. work with acupressure points to stimulate the energy to move by tapping, pressing, tracing.

  3. explore the energy patterns that have difficulty finding their most balanced state

  4. self care: the client will receive techniques to work with the acupressure points and learn to rebalance his/her own energies to become self sufficient and empowered in their own template of health.

  5. retest & evalution after doing self care for a while

Note: SPIRITED@WORK is not a provider for health insurance plans.

BCMA, FHT and the Kinesiology Federation in the UK recognise EEM. 


Intake EEM

After filling in the intake form, I assess whether I’m the right person to help you or not. If not, I will refer you to some other colleagues who might be a better fit.


General information about an EEM-session:

  1. the investment is €80 per hour, after an hour the fee will be calculated per quarter hour

  2. after every session there is self care. This is up to you do it or not, I will not be checking this.