Wonny held a great space for me to find my own answers to important issues in life. She has a perfect balance between guiding the process and letting the natural way unfold.

Sometimes my mind with its preconceived ideas would stop and a great presence and true intimacy could be revealed.

To unknot the seemingly fixed patterns of the mind and allow space to enter is truly beautiful.

Lots of gratefulness to Wonny, a beautiful soul with effective tools.”

Johan Svanborg, Borntorpet, Sweden

Wonny is an amazing Life Coach. She offers genuine intuitive direction while being able to listen deeply and guide directly with compassion. She is able to pinpoint the thoughts that are keeping a person held up from moving forward in the life that is desired. She then is able to help unravel those thoughts and guide her clients to freedom and hope for their new beginnings and living out their dreams, the life they want. Wonny gives her undivided attention to helping each client become their absolute best. It amazes me how she can get to the heart of what is blocking someone and then bring about the steps to bring freedom. She marries compassion, intuitiveness, clarity and a clear plan in an amazing way. I highly recommend working with Wonny. She helps unlock the doors and develop the plan to take the steps to live the life that is dreamed about.”

Jennifer Reese, Life Coach, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Coaching journeys with Wonny were always an adventure for me. Not an adventure in the sense of entertainment, rather an adventure within the depths of my being. She would persistently and gently guide me to even clearer level of seeing and experiencing my life. I know that decisions I have made from that place were far more meaningful and effective… and that is why I love to work with her.

I also appreciate Wonny’s sense of humour, especially when problems and obstacles seem to abound. We would always, in away or the other, return to that place where I trust in my abilities. That is where joy was waiting for me.”

Jani, Shambhala International

I have always thought I can solve my own problems, it never occurred to me that I needed life coaching. Wonny made it necessary. She guides you to acknowledge, to reflect and face yourself. Sometimes, when you feel lost, you don’t necessarily need others to solve your problems for you, you just need someone like Wonny who can show you where the end of the tunnel is.”

Lisa Lee, Vienna, Austria

“I met Wonny when I was going through some major transitions in my life and my business as an entrepreneur. It was a very fortuitous meeting as Wonny offered to coach me when I really needed it and did not even realize it myself. Through patient listening and a lot of guidance Wonny taught me to see the thought and behavior patterns that were holding me back in my work and relationships. The techniques she shared will continue to be useful throughout my life and can be applied to many situations. Thank you Wonny for working with me and I am very glad to have met you!”

An American Entrepreneur, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ik heb Wonny ontmoet en voelde direct dat door haar zachtheid en bescheidenheid ik met haar kon delen waar ik bij mezelf in vast liep. Ook gaf ze me direct het gevoel dat ze me verder kon helpen. (Ik ben zelf ook coach en merkte dat ik bij veel andere collega’s niet verder zou komen met mijn eigen ontwikkeling. Wonny heeft daarin direct mij het gevoel gegeven dat ik aan het juiste adres ben.)

En niets minder was waar. Door haar methodische manier van vragen en de structuur die erin zat, kwamen we ieder gesprek verder. Ik heb hierdoor heel veel zelfinzicht ontwikkeld, waardoor ik hele oude patronen heb kunnen loslaten en waardoor er ruimte is ontstaan in mijn systeem voor nieuwe dingen. Concreet heb ik nu veel meer zelfvertrouwen en kan ik op een gezonde manier mijn relatie vormgeven en niet vanuit oude behoeften. Daarnaast heb ik in mijn werk veel meer nieuwe dingen kunnen opzetten en ontwikkelen, waardoor ik eindelijk een flow van energie mag ervaren.

Ik heb al heel wat mensen in het coachings-vak ontmoet, maar ze kunnen zeker niet allemaal het verschil maken waar Wonny dat voor mij zeker wel kan.”

A Coach/Trainer, The Netherlands