Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Sep 29
    Antony Duyklaan 5
    "Healthy, Energised and Empowered; Energy Medicine for Women!" with Prune Harris
    This is for women who wish to change their life radically to live a more balanced, joyful, empowered life.
  • Sat, Jul 21
    Finding Your Own Rhythm Workshop
    Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal come from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn your Emotional, Mental and Physical Blueprint. Handle Fear, Anger, Panic, Worry and Grief better.
  • Sat, May 26
    Hormonal Health Workshop
    “Every woman I know wants to enjoy strength, vitality, and vigor. She wants to maintain optimum health, radiant skin, and luxurious hair. She also wants to stay physically active and vital, and still be able to think clearly and remember facts and events. That’s where hormones come in."Susan Lark MD

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