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The Five Rhythms

The Five Rhythms/Elements

Water -  Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal 

Ancient cultures studied humans and the environment and found that we are made of the same elements as of our environment. There is are rhythms that flows within each person that relate to the Five Elements. When we understand the rhythms, we can understand when they are in optimal balance and when they are not. 


Archetype: poet, philosopher, thinker

Emotional stress response: fear

Energy: Can be as translucent as water and can sink deep (into depression).

Related organs: Kidney (yin) & Bladder (yang)

Season: Winter

Image by Jong Marshes
Image by niko photos


Archetype: Commander in Chief, Military, Leader

Emotional stress response: anger

Energy: Goes directly to its goal, goes through things.

Related organs: Liver (yin) & Galbladder (yang)

Season: Spring

Image by niko photos
Image by niko photos


Archetype: Passionate Lover

Emotional stress response: panic

Energy: Goes up and burns, can burn itself and other up.

Related organs: Heart, Circulation Sex (yin) & Small Intestine, Triple Warmer (yang)

Season: Summer

Image by Ben Moreland
Image by niko photos


Archetype: Mother, Peacekeeper

Emotional stress response: worry. over compassion

Energy: Sways

Related organs: Spleen (yin) & Stomach (yang)

Season: Indian summer/solstice

Image by Qingbao Meng
Image by niko photos


Archetype: Alchemist

Emotional stress response: grief

Energy: Structured solid

Related organs: Lung (yin) & Large Intestine (yang)

Season: Autumn

Image by Grant Durr

To be continued...

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