Inspiring leaders to go beyond convention

creating value for organisations and individuals by leading from wisdom, building trust to align and achieve shared objectives in a sustainable way

Working cultures and environments contain high levels of stress, burnout, illness and complacency, have normalized in organisations.

Creating trust and value-based quality decisions, renders organisations with a competitive advantage in organisational effectiveness and achieving shared objectives, enhancing overall performance. 

SPIRITED@WORK inspires and empowers leaders to transform the organisation by applying self awareness and self care to go beyond the boundaries of their leadership capacity.

We provide effective, natural and simple inspirational solutions to handle stressful situations to be able to function beyond imagined capacity.

This is for you if you want to:

  • go beyond the conventional methods, structures, cultures 

  • change the energy of your organisation

  • be a better leader for your people and your organisation

Our Approach

We train leaders in techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, life coaching and mindfulness, so they can  develop deeper connections with their teams, build trust and maintain focus in their work and lives optimising productivity.



Works on the cognitional and emotional aspect. Re-patterning thoughts and limiting beliefs, dissolving and transforming them into positive, purposeful actions.


Works on the physical, emotional and energetic aspect. Simple acupressure-based techniques regulate the energy flow in the body for optimal health in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

  • Increase focus, clarity, and productivity = better decision making

  • Stress Management techniques = improvement of overall health and longevity

  • Tap into your inner drive to thrive instead of survive

  • Create deeper connection, happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment

SPIRITED@WORK is about...

  • changing the energy you bring as a leader

  • self awareness as a leader

  • self care

  • better quality of decision making

  • creating trust and organisational effectiveness

  • creating positive environments where teams and departments can thrive

  • inspiring people to achieve shared objectives

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