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  GO BEYOND convention  

  conscious LEADERSHIP  

The source of the video is from theourspace. This might not be the original source.

All is not exactly what we think it to be. Once we thought the earth to be flat.

Those leaders, who are conscious of the complexity of our present day systems and that which is unseen, can imagine different solutions that are not replications of the old systems. 

​Imagine every baby born to be valued for its human value and potential.

To cultivate a world, where every baby born is nurtured and nourished as as the most precious thing on this planet.

For that baby's soul purpose to reach its full potential in this life time.

From the moment we are born until the moment we die, this one life is the most precious thing we have.

Now, imagine 8 billion of us. Each and every one us of walking our soul's path in pursuing our heart's desire, reaching our full potential, in whatever form that might take. 

With this mindset, we can create systems that will support the human potential to design and build systems; and a world that is different from what we have now.

       十年树木,百年树人               Shí nián shùmù, bǎinián shù rén 

”It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to nurture a human."

What we do

Conscious Leaders

Being a better leader for your people, your organisation and yourself by changing its energy and thinking beyond conventional methods, structures and cultures

Creating trust and value-based quality decisions, renders people and organisations with a competitive advantage in effectiveness and achieving shared objectives, enhancing overall performance and life quality.  We provide effective, natural and simple inspirational solutions to handle stressful situations to be able to function beyond imagined capacity. 

  • manage stress and energy

  • motivate self & others to their natural best

  • create spaces for people to thrive

How we do what we do

mind, body, heart, soul and spirit

Who we are

Self Awareness & Discovery ​

Recognise cognitive bias, (self) sabotage, thoughts, emotions and behaviour that do not serve you

Emotional Intelligence

Awareness of emotions, 

Balance between right and left brain - mind & heart


of Action

Accessing wisdom from within & doing the right thing for the greater good



transdisciplinary Approach

Stress & ENERGY Management 

  • Overal assessment of the level of energy in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit

  • Transmute energy

  • Apply simple techniques for more focus, clarity and purpose in personal and professional life

Behavioural & Emotional Intelligence  

  • Cognitional, behavioural and emotional intelligence

  • Re-pattern thoughts and limiting beliefs into more creativity and trust - neuroplasticity

  • Transform into positive, purposeful conscious actions

Ancient wisdom traditions, understandings and philosophies

(Western - Celtic, Norse; Middle Eastern - Egyptian; Eastern - Chinese, Tibetan, Buddhist, Daoist principles)


  • Interdependence & Interconnectivity

  • Wellbeing & longevity

  • Wisdom of compassion & kindness

Actions of Excellence principles in work & life 

+ center on Wellbeing

+ cultivate daily habit of  Compassion and Kindness

+ embedded in the Greater Good for all forms of life


transform stressful environments into spaces conducive to creativity and innovation with positive, energetic people


get more focus, clarity and efficiency in your life (professional & private)

Meet Your Team


Wonny Tjon


Lynn Geertsen-Rowe


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Xhawina zweden


Alison Moncrieff

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Wendy HuynH

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Dr. Clare Willocks

'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.'                                                                       – Albert Einstein 
'The solution lies in evolving our level of consciousness of wellbeing in body, mind, heart, soul & spirit.'        – Wonny Tjon
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