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Inspiring & Empowering Leaders 
to go beyond convention    


Wellbeing at The core of YOUR organisation

We understand that wellbeing needs to lie at the core of the organisation for its people to be able to bring their best and to function optimally.


ORGANISATIONAL expectations 


Leaders are usually extremely well-trained in result-oriented skills like certain programmes, KPIs, IPMA, etc.

However, the aspects of managing stressenergyemotionsthoughts and feeling of belonging is not mainstream practise. In general there tends to be more focus on managing external factors than internal drivers.

Often there is an unwritten rule that leaders are expected to be able to manage their stress, energy, emotions, thoughts and create cultures of belonging and excellence naturally. However, our society, structures and organisations are not focused on fostering and harnessing the value of these skills and capabilities. 


How can we expect excellence from leaders when they are not taught how to manage their stress, energy, emotions, thoughts when they come into leadership positions or even before?


This seems quite a contradiction!

Aren't we setting them up to fail or at best function at a diminished capacity?

Conscious Leadership



Organisational wellbeing

To be an organisation that puts wellbeing at its center, it needs leaders who understand what that entails to the core.

How wellbeing translates into not only physical, but more importantly emotional, mental and a place of beloning and purpose in the organisation and the world.

Most leaders are able to implement the physical aspects in their life like exercising, eating healthy, sleeping ample hours. Though how adept are they in recognising their own emotions and make decisions for the greater good?






Organisational Awareness

Organisational Empowerment

ORganizational Stress  & Energy Management


SPIRITED@WORK inspires and empowers leaders to transform the organisation by applying self awareness and self care to go beyond the boundaries of their leadership capacity.

We design Custom-Made programmes to inspire and empower Leaders in Self Awareness and Self Care to go beyond the boundaries of convention.

To gain more clarity and make better decisions, to be able to transform stressful and unhealthy situations into environments that are more conducive to creativity and innovation with positive, purpose-led, energetic people. 

Group and Individual Programmes

To be of service to each organisation's needs we provide group and individual programmes. These run from three to twelve months.

“Everything is energy and that's all there is. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy. This physics.”

 -  Albert Einstein

  • what is the energy you bring in as a leader

  • how inspired and energised do people feel coming in every morning

  • how much do people enjoy working together

  • do people feel valued for the talents they bring and for who they are

  • what would the organisation look like if everyone was aligned with its vision and mission

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